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Cheryl’s sweet spot is in supporting leadership and governance to consider the future and the impact they have on the future today. She does this in three ways:


Bringing diverse groups together to gain futures and foresight experience in networks.


Working with the needs of organisations to think strategically for the future.


Futures focused keynotes and workshops crafted for audience needs.


Cheryl convenes gatherings of diverse people to learn about futures and foresight. With her huge international networks she is able to tap into the expertise of global leaders in the field. This can result in collaborations to work together and develop local skills, co-hosting masterclasses with international experts and training and coordinating networks of futures thinkers. She seeks to develop a future literate society one nudge at a time. Her expertise in this area sets her apart and has led to the emergence of the Ōtautahi Futures Collective, Aotearoa Futures and the Oceania Futures Network. (Link here).

She runs training in futures and foresight encouraging diverse groups of people to learn together, such as her futures activator programme:

This programme was an invitational, punchy, transformative experience that has helped cement Futures as a cornerstone of my practice. Cheryl is an accomplished facilitator, mentor, guide and connector and her capacity to inspire and motivate people as changemakers is profound.
Josh Hough – Professional Learning Services Programme Manager, Tātai Aho Rau CORE Education


Cheryl partners with clients to support their strategic thinking. She helps these organisations to look past their noses and to scan for signals that might be important in their work. This can then lead to development of a range of scenarios that might eventuate, help organisations dig deep into their beliefs and identify the impact on the future. This work challenges organisations to continue thinking widely in order to be future ready.  If you haven’t done the strategic thinking before the strategic planning you might as well have just dusted off the old plan and changed the date. Cheryl has specific expertise with governance, education and health but works across diverse industries.

Cheryl Doig and her company Think Beyond are an amazing source of Futures Thinking and Strategic Foresight expertise. If you have an interest in the vectors of change and want your business to survive in the future I strongly recommend you talk to her about how Futures Thinking can help.
Ben Reed – Managing Director, Hamilton Jet 


Cheryl’s speaking engagements focus on futures thinking, futures literacy and foresight. This includes keynotes and facilitated workshops that are crafted specifically for the audience. Her focus is on human connection to futures and how we lead personally and professionally in this space. If you want ten trends, exponential tech whizz bangery, or corporate speak that’s not the #futuresaunty. If you want someone who is trained in futures and foresight, uses acknowledged futures approaches and wants to make a difference – perfect.

Cheryl was a standout speaker and motivator at our business leaders’ event.  Her mastery of the futures space and the ability to engage with people on the areas that matter are second to none.  Cheryl brings joy and possibility to tough complex areas of thought and action. She is a genuine leader, grounded in social purpose and committed to our collective earth’s future.  

Rose Challies – Terranova Foundation

Focus Areas

Cheryl’s mahi (work) focuses on growing personal and professional futures fluency across networks, bringing people together to explore futures thinking and to use the future today. 

This includes:

  • Futures Activators – communities of practice cohorts offered over five two hour sessions fortnightly over a two month period. Online and kanohi ki te kanohi (f2f) available. Organisation or industry based cohorts can be tailored to meet your needs.
  • Intergenerational Fairness – company consultation, reviews and full day workshops focused on growing intergenerational thinking into your mahi (work) and context. Futures work is “intergenerational planning.”
  • Personal Futures – the introduction of futures tools for challenging personal assumptions, identifying a range of futures, developing a preferred metaphor for personal change and developing a personal action plan to bring the future into today.
  • Organisational Futures – supporting organisations to embed futures thinking into their strategic thinking and using the future today.

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